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We Desi “Vocal for Local”: “Quality” the first step of change in India

by thehealnews

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given the precious mantra of “Vocal for Local” to create ‘Self-reliant India’. The importance of the priceless mantra of self-reliance increases immensely with the slogan “Vocal for Local”.
Every country in the world dreams of making itself self-reliant and exporting more of its products and formulates its policies to fulfill this dream. The Prime Minister’s mantra ‘Vocal for Local’ is interlinked, complementary.
Quality is related to self-sufficiency. It is said that only due to new products and their quality, developed countries establish their dominance in the world market. The prime intention of the Prime Minister is also that India, with its research, research, hard work and dedication, can produce products of such quality that on one hand we can reduce our dependence on imports and on the other hand, our products like the products of developed countries. There should be demand all over the world so that we can become an important exporting country.
The biggest competition is about quality. If we look at only those natural products that the agricultural sector produces, then we also find that only better goods are demanded in the market. Weak quality goods never get customers. Whereas for excellent goods, buyers are also found at very high prices.
Like other developing countries, if India has any biggest challenge, then it is to make product quality better or world-class. There are abundant resources available in the country for this. Nature has made India extremely prosperous in every way.
Quality is not only related to products but to every sphere of life because there is a dependency between every activity in society. If we look at the situation created by the

Corona crisis, we will find that the biggest crisis is the weakening of the demand-side in the economies. The Corona-period has made it global.
The more power we have to focus on strengthening our supply chain and storage facilities, the more emphasis must be placed on strengthening the demand-side in the economy and adopting measures to accelerate it. By doing this only after reaching the market of good quality products will not have to crave for the consumptive and reasonable price.
The biggest disadvantage of the lack of demand in the market is due to the farmers because the system of minimum support price for their produce is still only in the case of limited grains. Demand for other produce is directly related to demand and demand depends on people’s purchasing power or income that they spend in the market. Therefore, before the demand we have to increase the income of the people or develop new employment opportunities.
There is immense scope of handicrafts and Ayurvedic products in India. Products in this sector will also have to overcome the challenge of high quality, branding and marketing. The agricultural sector is the most traditional and basic sector of India.
Even if the productivity of the Indian agricultural sector is similar to that of the developed countries, it is not possible that our products will dominate the global market and there will be demand for Indian goods everywhere. It will happen that then we will get more fierce competition from those countries whose products are getting global market right now.
Be it agriculture sector or other sector, if we want to strengthen ourselves, then we have to produce goods of excellent quality at competitive prices. That is why, whether it is for self-sufficiency or the vocal for local, the medicine of every challenge is only “quality”!

To make the Prime Minister’s mantras successful, we must create a big change in Indian society.
When we get to the bottom of any challenge related to human resources, we find that whatever is produced or produced in our country, its quantity may be less or more, but in the competition of quality Indian products do not stand still. . That is why it is very important to have many such world-class products in India with a population of 135 crore, which the world is strong enough to buy from us.
In the field of research and research also, we have to spread our wings on world class standards more quickly. There are some areas where our research and research has demonstrated excellent quality. For example, ISRO has achieved outstanding achievements in space technology. Our achievement in the field of nuclear energy has been a matter of pride.
These achievements are directly related to the quality of education. That is why we need to greatly increase the number of excellent educational institutions in proportion to the population. In the field of medicine too, we are mostly dependent on imports for high-tech equipment.
After adopting the policies of liberalization, the Indian automobile sector may look self-sufficient, but most of the companies in this sector are also fundamentally foreign. Similarly, in large sectors like defense and communications, we also have a huge dependence on imports. These areas are most in need of self-sufficiency and vocal for local.

The same is the case with the pharma sector. India is a very large producer of medicines, but we have to import its raw materials (API-Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) on a large scale. So, Indian companies have immense potential in this area. It is clear that if India has to show itself to be truly self-reliant, realizing the mantra of vocal for localism, then we have to make the worship of quality of our culture.
The affluent class of Indian society will have to create the most desire for quality because the greatest responsibility to change any society rests with its endowed class. The rich class will have to distribute their income in such a way that the income of the people working for it is maximum.
That is why, like every advanced society in the world, a national movement or campaign is the most important for quality in India. Quality is never achieved overnight. Generations are also spent in achieving this. It is pleasant that India is now gearing up to realize its dreams.

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