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How parents move towards Student success!

by thehealnews

What is the most accurate predictor of academic achievement? It’s not social or economic status, nor how prestigious the school is. The best predictor of student success is the extent to which the family encourages learning at home and family members involve themselves in their child’s education.
Students whose parent participate in their education, they are encouraged not only to do school work but also to desire to learn something new throughout their life.
There is a distinct change in the classroom of teachers who involve parents of students in their education. The more parents will contribute to the students ‘education, the more involved, the higher the students’ morale, behavior and grades increase.
Encouraging parents to engage in education is more than any other etiquette. This is one of the best ways for any student to create a proper environment for learning positivity.

What is a parent engagement?

According to experts, parent engagement means sharing the responsibility of children’s education with the teacher. Parent engagement begins when teachers involve parents in school meetings and other events, and parents support their children to boost their morale both at home and at school. This is how they make a commitment.

Parental involvement in schools is different from parental involvement, although both are useful. Parental involvement occurs when parents participate in school events or activities, and teachers provide information about their student’s learning resources or grades.
Teachers hold primary responsibility for setting educational goals. They relate to the parents not as an associate but as a mentor who guides them through educational support for their child.
It helps to think of parent engagement as the first step of parental engagement.

Why is parent involvement important?

Parental involvement and engagement in education now matters more than ever, parents now prefer remote methods of communication, such as online student portals. This change is due to sudden and parental preoccupations.
Digital devices can help families stay connected, but when parents don’t provide their time and support, students wander. There can be many reasons behind this change in the involvement of parents in the school. Some parents have a scaling issue, some have traffic problems, sometimes some parents feel uncomfortable to attend school programs due to their income.

Parent involvement and student success!

Educational researchers from more than fifty separate studies on parent involvement have found a relationship between family involvement and educational achievement, and first teachers strive to increase parent involvement, so that students can perform well. Parental involvement formed during the primary school years forms a strong foundation for student success and future opportunities.
Family involvement also benefits students as well as parents and teachers. Teachers can explain to the parents about the students’ homework and school project work, so that they can help their children in the right way.

Also, when parents think about teachers and keep positive thinking, then the morale of teachers also increases.
The more information the teacher has about the family of the student, the more information about the family members, the easier the teacher will be to help those students in their studies and boost their morale, because then they create a student-friendly environment. Will try our best to teach. They perform well as students get more mental support from parents in the class.

When parents and teachers work together in a team, the student’s victory is certain.

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